Competition Law

In relation to competition law, EU-GEN-IUS professionals support business operators who have taken an active or passive role in collusive agreements that restrict competition and in cartels or in abuses of a dominant position, also in the context of actions for damages brought by parties injured by anti-competitive conduct. This applies to non-competitive conduct at European or at domestic level.

EU-GEN-IUS can assist enterprises that are adversely affected by cartels and other anti-competitive behaviours, to seek compensation for any loss incurred.

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EU-GEN-IUS also oversees notifications of mergers and acquisitions of undertakings under applicable European or domestic rules, liaising with the competent competition authorities at European level (European Commission) or at domestic level (Italian Competition Authority). 

EU-GEN-IUS professionals have represented and assisted clients before the respective Italian, French, Spanish, Belgian and Croatian competition authorities in cases involving mergers and acquisitions and in antitrust investigations.

EU-GEN-IUS professionals have many years of experience dealing with related State aid rules, and they assist private clients in filing formal complaints and public clients in transmitting State aid notifications to the European Commission.

They also carefully analyse the ongoing evolution of relevant EU aid rules adopted in response to economic difficulties resulting from crises and, in 2020, from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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