Customs Law

EU-GEN-IUS professionals have decades of experience in dealing with WTO, European, Swiss and UK customs law, with which they assist private clients, companies and customs agents in relation to all aspects of customs law, including: the specifics of determining customs duties, classification, origin and value, customs procedures, duty drawbacks, remissions and mandatory information.

Their expertise extends to aspects of the relationship between Incoterms and customs issues, to customs-specific contracting and to the application of customs rules, in particular rules of classification and origin, which are typically relevant at the time additional duties are determined and applied, particularly in the anti-dumping field.

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In addition to cost planning and compliance activities, EU-GEN-IUS professional support extends to the “EU-pilot” and the infringement complaint procedures triggered to involve the European Commission when member states’ rules or practices are not in line with EU law, but also complaints to the European Ombudsman in cases of maladministration by EU institutions.

Another activity that sets the experience of EU-GEN-IUS professionals apart is their ability to informally consult the European Commission in instances where non-uniform positions or interpretations are adopted by two or more member states on the same aspect of customs rules, and also to leverage the Commission in support of European exporters where the customs practices of third countries are contrary to free trade agreements or WTO rules.

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