European Union Law

EU law forms the basis for a significant amount of domestic legislation in a wide variety of areas. EU Directives, in particular, have been the source of extensive legislation at national level.

EU Regulations, which have direct and immediate effect in each Member State’s legal system, are equally important.

In addition to competition, customs and international trade matters, EU-GEN-IUS professionals provide counsel to public and private clients in any other area of EU law directly or indirectly applicable at domestic level.

diritto dell'unione europea

In public procurements, EU-GEN-IUS gives advice to successful and unsuccessful bidders alike on procedures for reviewing procurement awards as well as the contracting authority’s actions.

In relation to the protection of the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, EU-GEN-IUS assists clients in analysing and identifying the various domestic rules that may infringe these freedoms guaranteed by the Treaties, and the various directives adopted to protect them.

EU-GEN-IUS professionals provide advice and support to the administrative authorities and the competent national and EU courts in matters concerning food law, specifically the production, marketing, labelling and free movement of food products.

Moreover, in relation to the principles of non-discrimination and proportionality, EU-GEN-IUS professionals have a range of experience that enables them to identify the various contexts in which infringements of these principles occur, in view of relevant decisions of the EU Court of Justice (ECJ).

Furthermore, EU-GEN-IUS can provide support and advice in these further areas of EU law:

  • VAT and excise duties,
  • banking and financial services,
  • energy,
  • telecommunications,
  • transportation,
  • food aid,
  • public health,
  • agriculture and fisheries,
  • marketing and distribution of medicinal products,
  • industrial and commercial property,
  • EU trade marks.

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