International Trade Law

EU-GEN-IUS professionals have consolidated experience in the international trade law area, specifically in investigative procedures in the area of anti-dumping, subsidies and safeguards, and also in export controls and embargoes.

They represent and have represented clients, in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy matters, at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Trade and before the Brazilian, Mexican and United States authorities.

diritto del commercio internazionale

Knowledge of WTO law and of EU law principles and customs expertise can translate into concrete assistance during the investigation of anti-dumping or other trade policy measures that can effectively safeguard the position of European importers or third country exporters well beyond the already complex set of specific rules and procedures typical of such measures.

EU-GEN-IUS professionals have experience in the field of dual-use goods and in the various member states’ domestic regulatory systems governing trade in military products, particularly in the most sensitive aspects of non-compliance by business operators and, accordingly, in the assessment and methods of supporting and safeguarding these operators through so-called voluntary disclosure actions, and/or assisting clients where disciplinary proceedings are involved.

In the area of restrictive measures, economic sanctions and embargoes, EU-GEN-IUS professionals have accredited experience in the due diligence of trade transactions (including complex transactions) with Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Iraq and all other states subject to embargoes, in assisting with the drafting of compliance plans and manuals, contracts, licenses, not only from the European Union perspective but also with reference to the critical aspects of application of the EU “Blocking Regulation”.

They have represented their clients in embargo and economic sanctions-related matters before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) against the European Union Council, and before the domestic courts of various EU and non-EU member states.

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